Olney celebrates a ‘Dickens of a Christmas’

Having a Dickens of a Christmas in Olney

Having a Dickens of a Christmas in Olney

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THE people of Olney put on their flat caps, bonnets and top hats to celebrate a ‘Dickens of a Christmas’ on Sunday, writes Charlie Ray.

The annual event once again generated thousands of pounds for businesses, residents and charities.


Every year residents take place in the festive event to take the trading of Christmas goods back in time.

The Victorian themed market day often attracts vast amounts of interest from tourists and this year was no exception with some stalls proving more popular than ever before.

Roger Mann, part of the Dickens Day Committee was thrilled with the huge crowds.

“It’s great to see everyone involved in the festivities,” he said.


“Olney has a really good community spirit as well as positive tourism and this sort of event is going from strength to strength.

“People from Olney still love it but at the same time others come for miles now.

“I just hope we can keep something that represents old-fashioned customs and traditions going, it’s great fun.”

As part of the Dickens tradition, Santa is up early and driven round the streets of Olney with a bell and music to wake up all the sleeping children so they can get ready for day.


This year the entire stretch of the town’s high street was lined with stalls, choirs, street artists, brass bands, classic Christmas food and drink and, of course, Santa and his elves were in the grotto to greet excited children.

Town Mayor, Stephen Clark, see’s it as one of Olney’s most important events on the calendar.

He said: “It’s right up there with our famous pancake race.

“It gives the residents and traders of Olney a fantastic opportunity to show visitors what the town has to offer.

“It gets people used to the area as well as the shops and with any luck, providing they like what they see, will keep them coming back long into the future.”


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