Peaceful procession marks special date at Islamic Centre

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A peaceful procession and an interfaith programme were held at the Zainabiya Islamic Centre in Granby.

They were held to commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Husayn, the Grandson of the Holy Prophet Muhammad. During the peaceful procession people displayed banners promoting humanity and justice emphasising the universal message of Imam Husayn.

The aim was to reinforce the thoughts of the group that Imam Husayn is a role model for all human beings to aspire towards; his spirit lives on in the human conscience, irrespective of race, religion or creed.

The procession was followed by an interfaith programme. Speakers included Mr David Renny, chairman of Interfaith MK, Sister Helen Mary Haigh, RJM provincial superior of her congregation of sisters at Thornton Convent School and Mr Gulamabbas Lakha, an Oxford graduate who lectures on Islam.

The programme was very well received and served to inspire those in attendance to try to emulate the values Imam Husayn stood for.

The President of the Zainabiya Islamic Centre, Mr Shabir Sabur, said: “We are Shia Muslims by faith, but we believe in co-operation and interfaith understanding. In particular, the message of humanity, emphasised by Imam Husayn through his martyrdom.”

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