Security box from 2009 robbery recovered from Milton Keynes’ Grand Union Canal

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A security cash box stolen during a robbery in 2009 was among items pulled from a canal in Milton Keynes during a spring clean-up.

Now a security company is rewarding Milton Keynes Branch of the Inland Waterways Association (IWA MK Branch) £100 for the recovery of the box following the discovery in the Grand Unon Canal.

The cash box was the prize among the usual hotchpotch of some 140 distinct items retrieved from the canal as well as some 40 bags of assorted small rubbish collected from the banks.

Motorcycles and wheelbarrows, vacuum cleaners and mattresses, an armchair, a lawnmower, an overhead projector and a replica hand grenade were some of the oddest things dredged up, not to mention the usual trolleys, traffic cones, bicycles and a variety of metal objects and soft furnishings.

A large quantity of both cut and broken branches were also removed.

A branch spokesman said: “The canal is now in a clean pleasing state for the enjoyment of walkers, boaters, fishermen and cyclists for the summer ahead. It is sad that a minority of people continue to use it as a waste dump.

“The two day clean-up over April 11 and 12 covered 10 miles from Fenny Stratford to Old Wolverton and was once again sponsored by the Wyvern Shipping Company and supported by the Canal & River Trust. IWA Branch members’ boats towed the two CRT workboats (a 70 foot hopper and a 40 foot pan) for collecting the haul and a CRT dredger brought up the rear to assist in pulling out the heaviest items.

“Forty seven IWA volunteers plus 14 Scouts were involved over the two days in tending the grapple hooks and garnering floating and bankside rubbish: they contributed 561 person hours of time. Four CRT staff and one of their roving volunteers also took part in the event.

“Particular thanks are due to the IWA volunteers who provided refreshments to the toilers.”




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