VIDEO: Artist hides £8,000 cheque in Milton Keynes Gallery

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AN artist has reportedly hidden a cheque for £8,000 in Milton Keynes Gallery.

The Daily Telegraph reported that Tomas Georgeson had hidden the cheque somewhere in the gallery.

And the artist, who used to work as a volunteer at the gallery, told the Citizen it would remain there until the end of February or it is claimed – even though gallery bosses say they don’t know anything about it.

Mr Georgeson told this newspaper: “I have the greatest respect for Milton Keynes Gallery, for its director and for its world class exhibitions programme. I should point out that I have not hidden the cheque on or around any of the artwork on display and the public should avoid touching the artwork if they choose to look for the cheque.

“I hope that the personal risk I have taken in doing this can stand as something positive in a town eager to establish itself as a cultural destination.

“Milton Keynes began with a sense of bold, risk taking creativity and long may that continue.”

The gallery has confirmed that it has unsuccessfully searched for the cheque, adding that the hiding of the cash on their premises had not been arranged with the artist.

Gallery communications manager, Katharine Sorensen said, “The first we were aware was the call from the Telegraph reporter last night asking us to confirm the story.

“Several colleagues, including myself, have searched the public spaces. I couldn’t see anything obvious and neither could any of the other staff, so he’s hidden it fairly well.

“Obviously this shines a spotlight on us and we welcome everyone interested by it. The treasure hunt angle is obviously attracting people, but we hope they are encouraged to come back and see more.

“We have a duty of care to look after the art and we want visitors to respect this.”

> Story by Charles Crook; shown pictured trying to hunt down the cheque yesterday

> Check out our video of Charles trying to - unsuccessfully – find the cheque




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