VIDEO: Bounce over to the UK’s first trampolining centre of its kind in Milton Keynes

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A new trampolining centre to provide a new form of family entertainment never before seen in Britain opened in the city this weekend.

BOUNCE has more than one hundred interconnected trampolines in 22,000 square feet of floor space, and includes features such as a dodgeball court, slam dunk hoops and foam pit.

It is the brainchild of experienced health centre operator, Gary Knill, who was determined to open Britain’s first park having seen its immense popularity in the US.

“We’re here, we’re the first, we did it”, said Gary.

“I’m already seeing so much talent on the trampolines and the foam pit is particularly popular. I think we may have some future Olympians in here.”

Research carried out by the US Space Agency, NASA, shows that trampolining is kinder on the joints, exercises the whole body and has greater aerobic benefits than other forms of intense physical activity.

So much so that the organisation uses it to train astronauts before they go into space and to recondition them when they come back.

Gary says he looked long and hard around the country before deciding that Milton Keynes was the ideal spot for his new venture.

He added: “Everyone knows that Milton Keynes is one of the fastest growing cities in the UK but over the next five years it will also have the second largest proportion of younger school age children of anywhere in the country and this sport is especially popular with the five to twelve age group.”

> Look out for a video inside BOUNCE this week.




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