VIDEO: Milton Keynes MP takes on the Ice Bucket Challenge

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City MP Mark Lancaster got a soaking in ice cold water this week thanks to his children - who were more than willing to throw the bucket over his head for a good cause.

Mr Lancaster, who is MP for Milton Keynes North, took the plunge after being nominated by his colleague Caroline Nokes MP to take part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge which has taken the world by storm.

He said: “I confess I had mixed emotions, but my wife and I have a friend who suffers from Moto Neurone Disease so it was all in a great cause.

“I don’t think I’ve heard our kids laugh and enjoy themselves so much as they got to dump the icy water on my head.”

The trend, which is intended to raise money and awareness for Moto Neurone Disease, has seen people across the world film themselves having freezing cold water chucked over them and uploading it to social media sites.

And as Mr Lancaster was able to nominate three people to complete the challenge in 24 hours, Citizen editor Olga Norford was lucky enough to be chosen - but as she’s currently on holiday it’ll have to wait until she gets back!

Mr Lancaster added: “Needless to say it ended up in a major water fight with everyone utterly soaked.

“All in all a typical wet British bank Holiday weekend!”




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