Woman stole dead tot’s ID

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A wheelchair-using swindler stole the identiy of a dead four-year-old girl to claim tens of thousands of pounds in benefits over 20 years.

Yvonne Doyle, 63, also assumed the identity of a dead woman to add a carer’s allowance to her greedy stash.

To con the authorities further, she even pretended to be a VICAR.

The sick saga was exposed at Reading Crown Court, where Doyle, of Borodon Court, Old Farm Park,was found guilty last month of 18 fraud charges involving a total of £350,000.

This week she was back in court for sentencing and orders for the court to seize her assets in a bid to repay her ill-gotten gains.

Previously, while awaiting trial, crafty Doyle skipped bail and fled to Ireland on a false passport. She was arrested and brought back to England.

During the ensuing trail prosecutor Linda Strudwick said: “The defendant stole identities of persons living and deceased and utilised them to acquire credit and to defraud.

“She is clever, manipulative, bold and wholly dishonest.”

The court heard Doyle even lied about her own disability.

Said Ms Strudwick: “She claims to be severely disabled and unable to walk. When she was arrested she walked using neither crutches or a wheelchair.”

Doyle, who now faces prison, used the ID of Carol Ann Naylor who died in 1951 at the age of four, to claim £185,000 in benefits.

She also stole the identity of Bridgette Meally who died in 1999, while the name she assumed as a vicar was Rev Naylor.

On Tuesday Doyle appeared before the judge to tell him she had sacked her legal team.

She has been ordered to appear back in court tomorrow (Friday) with new lawyers.




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