MP Mark has the wind in his sails over wind farms

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City MP Mark Lancaster has welcomed Government changes over the building of wind farms that will give more say to communities.

The announcement, made today, will see people given more control when it comes to deciding whether to agree to onshore wind proposals. Communities that agree to the new installations will see a generous reduction in their energy bills.

Where local councils have identified areas suitable for the building of wind farms they will not be obliged to give planning permission if they think the impact on the local area will be unacceptable.

With three wind farm proposals in the pipeline within Milton Keynes at the moment, Mark, who has been campaigning for over five years for wind farms to be built in the right places and not at the detriment of local communities, was delighted with the news.

He said: “Renewable energy is essential for a sustainable future but it shouldn’t be at the detriment of our local communities. I have long been an advocate on this issue and am pleased the government has finally recognised this.”