Munn disappointed by World Cup silver

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SIMON Munn admits Great Britain probably upset their coach by only claiming silver at last week’s BT Paralympic World Cup.

But the Milton Keynes wheelchair basketballer has vowed to turn Murray Treseder’s frown upside down by turning silver into gold at London 2012.

With London 2012 fast approaching, the Paralympic World Cup afforded 44-year-old Munn and company the perfect chance to test their skills against heavyweights Japan, Germany and the USA in front of a home crowd in Manchester.

And things were looking good as Great Britain suffered just one loss, a 70-40 reverse to USA, to reach the final. However, lightning struck twice in the showpiece as the USA again got the better of their hosts to take the gold, with GB putting up more of a fight in going down 47-38.

Former Radcliffe School pupil Munn admits the team are in for some heavy sessions following their Manchester adventure, but believes there will be no need when the dust settles on London 2012 this summer.

“Our coach is a hard man to please but I thought it was a satisfactory performance, I don’t know what he said but he was probably very annoyed with our performance, rightly so in some respects,” Munn said.

“He’s a perfectionist. If we do anything wrong he’s going to come down on us hard and hopefully in the long run that’s only going to make us better.

“He’s come in and he’s been demanding a lot, but pretty much all of our coaches have been the same. They are perfectionists. At the end of the day we’ve got to put the ball in the net, we’ve got to catch it and pass it, we’ve got to lessen our turnovers.

“There are a load of factors out there that he’s going to be annoyed about. He’ll tell us that he’s annoyed and hopefully that will bring us out fighting next time and make us better.

“We’ll try to correct some things, but he won’t be happy about something else in the next game and rightly so. We’re on schedule, there are no problems or anything like that, but we’ve got to get better at starting tournaments clearly.”

With the Paralympic World Cup taking place in front of a home crowd in Manchester, Munn and co were getting a sneak peak of the atmosphere they can expect to find at London 2012. And although Munn is preparing himself for a sixth Games appearance, he insists his excitement hasn’t waned – quite the opposite.

“We’ve got to go into the Paralympics absolutely flying. I just can’t wait for London now,” added Munn, whose place in the London 2012 squad was confirmed after the World Cup.

“It’s going to be fantastic, it will be my sixth Paralympics. That’s an honour in itself. I’m just really hoping that the team do well and I do well, and that I help the team get as much out of that tournament as we can.

“I guess it says something about my longevity but it also says something about my passion for the game, my love for basketball.”