Mystery death of popular young shop manageress

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The death of a popular young shop manager who had never taken a day off sick is to be the subject of a coroner’s investigation.

Sonielia Holmes, 23, is this week being mourned by staff and shoppers at Savers store in Bletchley.

Her picture and tribute is on display in the shop window and condolences have poured in from fellow traders.

Sonielia had just celebrated a promotion when she suddenly became ill and was admitted to Bedford hospital with suspected tonsillitis.

Just before she was due to be discharged she fell in the hospital toilet and banged her head, say her family.

Scans showed she had suffered two bleeds on the brain - one before the fall happened.

She died shortly afterwards with her mother Deana at her side,

Deana has now complained to Bedford hospital and is demanding an investigation.

“I need answers. I need to know why my lovely daughter, who has never taken a day off sick before, died in this horrible way,” she said,