‘No alternative’ but to close Broughton Gate skate park

Skate Park off Countess Way Broughton Gate  may be closed due to noise complaint
Skate Park off Countess Way Broughton Gate may be closed due to noise complaint

BROUGHTON Gate skate park will be removed after residents complained about the noise.

After a meeting on Tuesday between Milton Keynes Council and the Parks Trust, the body responsible for the facility, they concluded that the only alternative would be to remove the park ‘as soon as practically possible.’

While plans are under way to destroy the area, David Foster, chief executive of The Parks Trust, admitted there was no alternative venue for another skate park to be built.

He said: “The Parks Trust has discussed the future of Broughton Gate Skate Park in several meetings with Milton Keynes Council, most recently on Tuesday.

“Our noise consultant, who we brought in to look at the problem, felt that that there were no practical measures that would guarantee to mitigate noise from the site and the council’s position was that The Parks Trust should remove the skate board park as soon as practically possible.

“Regrettably, it seems that we have no alternative but to remove the skate park, although the play areas on either side will remain. Closing the skate park is not something The Parks Trust wants to do but we are facing legal action. We have explained this in a letter circulated to local residents.

“We will continue to discuss the provision of an alternative skate park facility with the council as a matter of urgency and have a number of sites where we would be happy to consider installing a new facility but, of course, this would need planning permission which could take many months to achieve.”

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