'No-risk' farm is on the way

Controversial plans in Emberton to go ahead

Work is under way on a controversial wind farm at Emberton.

Contractors are installing the seven 125m-high turbines in a scheme that residents fought all the way to the Court of Appeal.

The company behind the project, Your Energy, said it was glad to have successfully funded it despite the downturn.

A statement said: 'This is the only major project financing of a UK onshore wind farm this year – an important milestone for the UK wind industry.'

Your Energy says the wind farm would deliver nearly 200,000 for the community and a special committee was being set up to decide how the money should be spent.

The wind farm is forecast to generate electricity equal to the average annual needs of around 8,085 homes.

Andrew Lockley of Milton Keynes Friends of the Earth said the project would generate much-needed renewable energy in the region.

"We've got to get our electricity somehow.

"Some folks don't like the look of wind farms, but they don't emit CO2 which causes climate change.

"There is also no risk from nuclear waste and radiation leaks."