Nurse and prisoner were ‘inappropriate’

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A PRISON nurse is waiting to hear whether she will be struck off the register after allegedly being found semi- naked with an inmate.

Jane Jackson, 35, was up before the Nursing and Midwifery Council this week facing a string of serious misconduct claims.

All took place early in 2009, when Ms Jackson was working as a staff nurse based at the Category A HMP Woodhill.

It is alleged she entered into an inappropriate and sexually motivated relationship with the prisoner, who is described only as Prisoner A.

It is also claimed Ms Jackson met with Prisoner A on at least one occasion “in a state of undress.”

Other allegations include being found in a treatment room with the inmate, leaving medication cupboards open in his presence and bringing unauthorised items into Woodhill.

On February 7, 2009, it is claimed Ms Jackson caused a security risk by removing her set of prison keys from her uniform and leaving them unattended in the presence of Prisoner A.

The two day hearing was due to end as the Citizen went to press.

It will decide whether Ms Jackson, who no longer works at Woodhill, is fit to practise as a nurse. If the allegations are found to be substantiated she could face being struck off the Nursing and Midwifery Council’s register or suspended from working as a nurse for a fixed period of time.

LEFT: Jane Jackson, who faces serious misconduct claims