Pawfully rare pup moves to Milton Keynes

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One of the world’s rarest dogs has moved to Milton Keynes.

The Stabyhoun originates from the Netherlands and Wilma, pictured, is one of just 34 of her kind in Britain. There are only 6,000 worldwide.

Frances Godfrey with puppy Wilma

Frances Godfrey with puppy Wilma

The three-month-old puppy, which will grow to be the size of a small Labrador, has moved in with Jim and Frances Godfrey - who have five grandchildren for her to play with.

Frances said: “When we were told that there might be a puppy for us in the second ever litter to be born in the UK, we were delighted.

“The day after they were born, we got a call that there was indeed a little girl for us.”

Stabyhoun is most likely from the Dutch “Sta me bij” which means ‘Stand by me’ – which is an accurate reflection of its loyal nature.

Jim added: “She has settled in so well and we both feel extremely lucky to finally have our very own Stand By Me dog. “Maybe one day she will have puppies herself but for now, we are just enjoying watching her grow into the most wonderful dog.”

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