Pensioner made to wait for cash

Ronald Beechey before the accident
Ronald Beechey before the accident

A MAN who successfully sued the council had to wait a month for his payout as yet another invoices was paid late.

Ronald Beechey from Bletchley won £26,000 in January after he was thrown from his bicycle as he rode over a dangerous pothole on Buckingham Road in April 2010.

Ronald Beechey was diagnosed with a fractured clavicle

Ronald Beechey was diagnosed with a fractured clavicle

The then 79-year-old was admitted to Milton Keynes General Hospital with extensive cuts and bruises and was diagnosed with a fractured clavicle.

In excruciating pain and confined to a wheelchair, Ronald was discharged from hospital after a month and returned home.

But due to his condition, he was unable to care for his wife, who suffers from dementia, and she had to be admitted to a care home.

Four weeks later Ronald had to return to hospital where he was diagnosed with a broken hip – an injury caused by his original accident but that has gone undiscovered by the hospital.

He is still dependent on walking sticks for day to day getting around.

Prior to the accident, Ronald’s health was described as that of a man much younger.

He was an experienced cyclist, often cycling 65 miles a week, and a member of cycling organisation the CTC, and the Over 40’s Cycling Club.

Ronald took the council to court over his injuries, but the case was dragged out to nearly 18 months before a conclusion was finally agreed.

Now 81, Ronald has now been awarded damages, of a significantly higher amount than the council’s original out of court settlement offer.

Under the terms of judgement, Milton Keynes Council was instructed to pay Ronald his damages by Thursday, January 26, but failed to do so.

The council took until Friday February 17, having been threatened with action from bailiffs, to make the payment.

In February, The Citizen revealed that the council paid just 90 per cent of its invoices on time.

Ronald’s daughter Bev Cousins said: “My father, whose life is not at all easy at the best of times given that he is my mother’s primary carer, was an innocent victim in this case.

“The whole sorry episode which was prolonged by the council’s determination to drag this matter out for as long as possible has caused immeasurable mental anguish for the entire family.”

A council spokesman said: “We are very sorry about the delay in payment and apologise that this took longer than we had originally hoped.”