Police called out to Bletchley road more than 200 times in last year

Serpentine Court
Serpentine Court

POLICE were called to one city road more than four times a week over the last year.

Information obtained by the Citizen via the Freedom of Information Act showed officers attended incidents in Bletchley’s Serpentine Court on 224 occasions between April 1, 2011 and March 20 this year.

Thames Valley Police had originally refused to reveal the figures, claiming they couldn’t be disclosed under the Data Protection Act.

But the information was released after an appeal from this newspaper.

We submitted the request following a number of calls from residents on the Lakes Estate based road. Many were concerned with an increase in incidents of threatening and violent behaviour, and drug use.

A joint letter from Thames Valley Police and Milton Keynes Council was sent to residents on the street earlier this year stating that officers have ‘noticed a recent increase in the level of anti-social behaviour occurring in and around Serpentine Court’.

In February, we revealed how one council tenant who was found guilty of growing cannabis in his flat is still living in Serpentine Court.

Milton Keynes Council confirmed it is looking to take legal action against Danny Pearce, who was found guilty of producing cannabis at his property. On January 13, he was given a community order at Milton Keynes Magistrates’ Court and ordered to pay costs of £85.

And Pearce later pleaded guilty to damaging a window belonging to the council on January 27. Again he escaped with a fine, this time for £80 and costs of £85.

Earlier this year, another Serpentine Court resident – who did not want to be named – said: “I feel the council lost control eight to nine months ago.

“I was assaulted in a stairwell in November. The police had no evidence to prove who did it.

“Now I am being woken up at night with loud music, banging on the door, dog poo through the letterbox. I have had to board it up because I’m so scared.

“Death threats have been made against me and threats that my flat will be burned down. It literally petrifies me.”

The council tenant has since been forced to move away from Serpentine Court as he found it impossible to live there.