Police launch search for witnesses to trouble on Serpentine Court

Serpentine Court on the Lakes Estate, Bletchley.
Serpentine Court on the Lakes Estate, Bletchley.

A LETTER asking victims of anti-social behaviour to come forward has been sent to residents in a city problem area.

The missive was sent by Thames Valley Police and Milton Keynes Council to people in Serpentine Court on the Lakes estate last week.

It says that officers have ‘noticed a recent increase in the level of anti-social behaviour occurring in and around Serpentine Court’ including noise nuisance and threatening behaviour. The letter goes on to ask residents to come forward if they are experiencing problems.

Such letters are a common tool used by the police and council when there is a spike in the number of anti-social incidents happening in an area. By appealing for witnesses they hope to be able to gather more evidence against perpetrators of anti-social offences.

The Citizen has received a number of calls from residents on the Bletchley estate concerned with an increase in incidents of threatening and violent behaviour. Drug use is also common.

Last month we revealed how one council tenant who was found guilty of growing cannabis in his flat is still living there.

Milton Keynes Council confirmed it is looking to take legal action against Danny Pearce, who was found guilty of producing cannabis at his property. On January 13, he was given a community order at Milton Keynes Magistrates Court and ordered to pay costs of £85. Mr Pearce remains in his property.

And he has continued to break the law. At Milton Keynes Magistrates Court on February 15 he pleaded guilty to damaging a window belonging to Milton Keynes Council on January 27.

He was ordered to pay £80 compensation and £85 in costs.

Police have been called to Serpentine Court on at least nine occasions that this newspaper is aware of in the last two months, although that figure is likely to be much higher. The Citizen has entered a Freedom of Information request with police asking how many times they have been called to the area in the past year.

One of the most recent incidents saw police called to Serpentine Court at 4pm last Wednesday following reports that a 26-year-old man had been touched on the shoulder and threatened.

Officers arrested a 37-year-old man on suspicion of common assault and possession of cannabis. He has been released on bail until March 3.

An unconfirmed report also suggested another man was badly beaten up on the same evening and taken to Milton Keynes Hospital.

One man, who has since been forced to leave his flat, said he had received death threats and been verbally assaulted. A second tenant told the Citizen he had dog poo shoved through his letterbox and had been physically assaulted.

And a third man wrote to the newspaper this week to say he had been threatened with death, beatings and weapons.

If you are experiencing problems on Serpentine Court you can contact Thames Valley Police on 101, MK Housing Office on 01908 691691, the council’s environmental health team on 01908 252570 for noise nuisance issues or 01908 226699 for out of hours noise problems.