Police say retired officer refused to back up claims he was ignored in Jimmy Savile abuse case

Jimmy Saville
Jimmy Saville
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A RETIRED police officer who claims to have been ignored when raising concerns about Sir Jimmy Savile in the 70s has refused to co-operate with police.

John Lindsay claimed, in an interview with the BBC, that while he was working with the TVP in the 70s nurses at Stoke Mandeville hospital raised concerns with him about Mr Savile’s behaviour, which were then ‘ignored’ when he passed them on to senior officers.

However, a Thames Valley Police spokesman said: “Officers from Thames Valley Police met with John Lindsay on Friday about his allegations surrounding Jimmy Savile.

“Mr Lindsay was unwilling to provide a statement. He was unable to provide any evidence or identify any senior officers he may have briefed about his concerns. We have updated the Metropolitan Police about Mr Lindsay’s allegations.”