Proof that Britain really is Great

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DRIVING around Milton Keynes the last couple of weeks you can’t help but be filled with pride.

In a year that could prove to be very important for people across Britain millions have come up trumps with displays of patriotic spirit that even humbled Her Majesty The Queen and her Diamond Jubilee Celebrations.

We have seen flotillas, concerts fly-pasts and flags waving all for one woman – and rightfully so.

Everywhere you go at the moment streets are lined with Union Jack flags and bunting and it seems even the questionable weather couldn’t dampen the spirits with people valiantly soldiering through with parties, barbecues and various other celebrations.

And the flags may just stay in place for a couple of months yet for what is promising to be an epic summer of sport for our nation.

People may question the expense of holding four days worth of celebrations but I say ‘so what?’ Imagine the economic boost the whole of Britain would have received thanks to people visiting London for celebrations as well as buying supplies for their own festivities.

A monarch reigning for 60 years is something that should be celebrated. I am by no means a royalist but even I found myself swept up in the emotions of some of the events over the last four days.

Maybe not enough to actually go to London but I was still interested to see what was going on to help celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

And it is something that, at the age of 26, I may not experience again in my lifetime.

It is however disappointing that we, as a city, didn’t have a giant screen available to watch some of the events going on over this momentous weekend.

It would have been a great way to bring together communities from all over Milton Keynes as opposed to holding an event in one area or street.

People have done the city proud nonetheless and I take my hat off to those who hosted parties, no matter how big.

Now we look forward to a great summer of sport which could see us boasting a host of Olympic and Paralympic medallists – at an event hosted by us – a British winner of Wimbledon and the European football champions.

OK the last two may be a little bit far-fetched but the London 2012 Olympics promises to be a fantastic occasion for those competing and the millions watching around the world.

Speaking about it the other day made me realise that we have a whole host of medal prospects across a range of events.

And the fact that it is being hosted on home soil could make it even more spectacular.

If this weekend is anything to go by then the Games will be a tremendous success and another opportunity to show countries around the world that Britain truly is Great.