Pupils’ victory in uniform row

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GOVERNORS at struggling Stantonbury Campus have backed down on a bid to introduce school uniform this year following an outcry from students.

Now the school, described as “requiring significant improvement” by Ofsted, will relaunch its plan next year.

Meanwhile builders will spend the summer changing the design of the progressive, open-plan-style campus – by building fences and gates all around it.

The enclosure will secure the site and keep students safe and away from traffic, said principal Chris Williams.

Parent David Isaacson, who is a member of the Stantonbury Against Uniform group, said: “We don’t object to the fencing in of the campus but we did have a problem with the school uniform plan.”

Mr Williams planned to introduce a simple uniform of white polo top, shirt or blouse coupled with a Stantonbury logo top for all pupils in years seven to nine from September this year.

“Failure to comply would lead to staged sanctions in line with the schools Behaviour Policy,” he warned.

Almost 1,000 students signed a petition opposing the uniform.

They were inspired by supporters of their late founder Geoff Cooksey who, on the basis that staff and pupils were equal, banned uniforms and insisted pupils address teachers by their first names.

But in recent years grades at the school have plummeted, with GCSE results reaching an all-time low last summer.

An Ofsted inspection in December resulted in an official Notice to Improve and a warning that students “inadequate achievements should be urgently addressed”.

“We’d rather the school concentrated on providing a better education instead of uniforms,” said Mr Isaacson.