Risky Business for blind charity

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A blind group, the oldest of whom is in his 80s, is undertaking five extreme activities this year to raise money for young people across Buckinghamshire.

82-year-old Peter Robbins, along with four other members of charity BucksVision, will be riding a tandem, hang gliding, white-water-rafting, climbing and driving a high performance car between April and December. Their first extreme activity will be a 26 mile tandem cycle ride today.

The venture, called Risky Business, is raising money to help young visually impaired people in the county who have become cut off from the community.

Deborah Dow, BucksVision’s CEO said: “Our Risky Business participants are showing young visually impaired people and local employers that with the right support, encouragement and a bit of dare-devilry the sky’s the limit if you have a disability.

“All too often the talent and skills of working age visually impaired people aren’t recognised. We want that to change. Bucks business and civic leaders can help us unlock this untapped talent and give young visually impaired people in Bucks a real stake in the economy and the future of their community.”

The money raised from the extreme activities – through individual and corporate sponsorship - will pay for a community worker to give young people the support and skills they need to get involved in social events and activities. Nearly half of all visually impaired people feel moderately or completely cut off from people and activities around them.

The long term aim is to help young people with a visually impairment gain new skills and get work or take up volunteering opportunities. The proportion of unemployed people of working age with sight impairment is over 2% higher than for any other group including other forms of long term disability.

Bucks Vision wants to meet and work with local business and civic leaders to see how they can support young visually impaired people to get more involved in the community.

For more information and to support Risky Business, contact Alison Deuchars at Bucks Vision Head Office on 01296 487 556, or by email at riskybusiness2012@live.co.uk.