River warnings as girl nearly drowns

River bend in Ouse Valley Park possibly the site where a girl almost drowned
River bend in Ouse Valley Park possibly the site where a girl almost drowned
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A FATHER came to his daughter’s rescue as she nearly drowned when swimming in the River Great Ouse.

Police, ambulance and fire crews all attended the scene, near the New Bradwell allotments, when a 12-year-old girl got into ‘difficulties’ while cooling off in the water at around 6.45pm on Tuesday night.

It is understood that other youngsters were playing in the river at the time.

The girl was unable to get out of the river after being caught out by the strength of the current.

Spotting his daughter in trouble, her dad found a pole, offering it up to her as something to grab hold of before hoisting her to safety on the shore.

Fire crews from Newport Pagnell, Great Holm and Broughton all attended, giving her first aid and oxygen at the scene.

A spokesman from the South Central Ambulance said: “We received a call just before 7pm to attend. When we arrived, the girl had already been rescued and was receiving first aid from the Fire Service.

“We took her to Milton Keynes General Hospital as a precaution.”

Chris Bailey, head of Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service’s community safety team, warned that even experienced swimmers can get caught out by the conditions and that swimming in rivers should be avoided.

He said: “We are all very relieved that this did not end in tragedy. We hope she is recovering from what must have been a frightening experience.

“Even good swimmers can be caught out by hidden dangers like fast currents, deep holes, soft mud, weeds or rubbish.

“Any stretch of water, still or flowing, has the capability to kill.”