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Pearl Handled Revolver
Pearl Handled Revolver
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AT the Summer Fayre last year, a fairly unassuming band hit the stage and made their audience forget all about the night chill with a high-octane, blues-rock blast rounded off with a great raspy vocal.

The band was Pearl Handled Revolver.

Now, having gigged hard and fast, and far and wide, the former new-city dwellers have inked a deal with King Mojo Records and are ready to drop their latest album, Colossus.

It is, according to those behind the opus ‘...a treasure of contemporary blues propelled by a blistering vocal performance and a swirling Hammond B3, Twin Reverb and Rickenbacker all driven by a dynamic rhythm section, to produce an original contemporary masterpiece...’

“I hope it’s heard by as many people as possible,” front man Lee Vernon told City Nights.

“It sounds a simple request, but it is what everyone else relies on.

“Invariably, when people hear our music they like it, so of course promotion of the album is all important, which is why we are so excited about our signing to King Mojo Records (US).

“They believe in Colossus as much as we do....already there is a whirlwind of excitement building in the music press and on radio all over the world....the early signs are extremely promising.”

Having already stage shared with artists including The Black Crowes, The Wailers and The Blockheads, Pearl Handled Revolver will head out on a major tour in support of Colossus, taking the band across the UK and Europe, and onto Stateside soil.

To mark the release closer to home the band will host an album launch party next Saturday, February 25th at Bedford Esquires.

> Pearl Handled Revolver will also return to new city soil at the end of March for a date in Wolverton.

We’ll bring you news of that, nearer the time.

Meantime, you can download earlier material by the band through iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Napster and Spotify.

And adding to your favourites will ensure you never need miss a PHR beat again.