Shopping Centre to tackle chewing gum problems

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Midsummer Place Shopping Centre will be one of the first places in the UK to promote an eco-friendly new initiative to tackle the problem of chewing gum.

This week, the Centre will install 14 GUMDROP® ‘globes’ at key entry and exit locations to encourage shoppers to dispose of their chewing gum for it to be recycled. The GUMDROP® is a bright neon pink sphere the size of a melon that is made of recycled chewing gum.

Shoppers simply drop in their gum and, when full, the GUMDROP® along with its contents of used gum, is recycled to make new GUMDROPs®, which are then distributed and the cycle starts again.

Approximately 7.5 billion pieces of gum are consumed each year and 3.5 billion pieces are disposed of irresponsibly (4.2 million tonnes) – an costs the British Government £150 million to clear up.

Operations Manager, Paul Tilbury, has worked with the GUMDROP® creator to bring this to Milton Keynes, he said: “The GUMDROP® is extremely clever in that it is made of the very product it has been designed to capture. There is an issue in Milton Keynes, as there is in every town or City, around the irresponsible disposal of chewing gum that costs us and the council thousands of pounds each year to clear up. We hope this highly visible creation will remind people to act responsibly and help the environment at the same time.”

The installation of the GUMDROP® is one initiative being put in place the promote Midsummer Place’s Eco Week, which launches on Monday, which will include a variety of activities and learning to demonstrate the importance and necessity for recycling and the promotion of energy efficiency. Further details are on the Midsummer Place website