THE rather colourful folks on the left are The Fitzrovia Radio Hour, and they’ll be in town on Saturday, as the second week of International Festival events shines across the new city.

Theirs is a comedy show in the style of a 1940s radio broadcast with cut-glass accents and stiff upper lips...

Saying it is a ‘funny’ performance that awaits ticketholders is to undersell the show, which has already sold-out in London, on tour and at the Fringe...

‘Spiffing’ said The Telegraph, in review.

Fitzrovia will appear at the Spiegeltent in Campbell Park at 3.30pm, and join a long list of temptations waiting for you in the coming days.

Also on Saturday, but from 8pm, R’n’B ace James Hunter will give a fret-ful delivery as he shows off his abilities at the guitar, and cuts loose his vocals, which are very Ray Charles in sound.

From 10pm, The Gilded Lili Variety Revue will deliver a show ‘stuffed to the gunnels with enough laughs, variety, songs and burlesque to keep everyone happy.’

The Boy With Tape on His Face is among the sticky deliveries.

Hardeep Singh Kohli’s Indian Takeaway is served in the Spiegeltent on Sunday afternoon for those after a tasty culinary show, before the chap of Scottish and Indian heritage gives way toThe Raghu Dixit Project.

He is a big deal this chap, not to mention India’s highest-selling non-Bollywood domestic artist.

If you rise early on a Sunday and reach for the Andrew Marr show on the box, you’ll have seen Raghu perform live in April, in support of his current EP, Unplugged – Live in York.

But the Spiegeltent is only housing part of the action, not all of it.

Today, you could enjoy The Stables Sessions on the Acoustic Stage, again in Campbell Park, or how about checking out Matro-Boulot-Dodo: Track Down in Xscape?

The multi-media game is waiting for your interaction through to Sunday.

If you’ve not visited Queens Court and taken a peek at Lone Twin: The Boat Project, the wooden wonder won’t sail away until the end of the weekend either, so go and have a look.

On Saturday, A Ship’s Log Concert will be hosted in the area too.

Or how about the Bowjangles:Bowlympics back in Campbell Park?

There are so many ways to sample IF before the curtain falls on the festival this Sunday.

Get the full list of opportunities online at

> ON Sunday, Campbell Park will also host The World Picnic, a one-day festival to celebrate the music, dance and cultures of the world.

Admission is free from midday, and visitors are urged to park at the CMK shopping centre.