Skate park row will rumble on

Skate Park off Countess Way Broughton Gate  may be closed due to noise complaint
Skate Park off Countess Way Broughton Gate may be closed due to noise complaint
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AN INDEPENDENT noise expert has been drafted in to the battlefield developing around Broughton Gate skate park.

Tensions are high on the new estate as upset residents raised the alarm that the popular facility was causing undue disturbances, particularly late at night.

The Parks Trust and Milton Keynes Council met last week to discuss the future of the park, and agreed they had no choice but to destroy it, much to the displeasure of users, their parents and some local business owners.

The council have been presented with recordings picked up at one of the houses facing the skate park.

But those in favour of keeping the park open have found an independent expert to dispell the evidence at a series of meetings this week - including a residents meeting on Tueday and at a Broughton Parish Council meeting tonight (Wednesday).

The controversial skate park has been backed by several local businesses, including Hungry Horse manager Mr Fitzsimon, who said his two children are regular users.

“It is brilliant for them,” he said. “Forget the keeping them off the streets, it is about the bigger picture. My little lad is three and he now has the confidence to play in the park with older kids.”

Katrina Creaser, who runs Squeaks Organic Eatery in Highley Grove, has asked the parish council to support moves to save the park.

She said: “If you are a proper skateboarder or BMXer it is only a beginners version, but it is somewhere for the children to go.

“The park needed planning permission to be built, so shouldn’t there be the same for the demolition along with a consultation?

“Hopefully everybody will be able to work together to get a solution.”

But there were mixed feelings from the residents whose houses overlook the park.

“To be honest, I can understand why some of my neighbours are upset,” said one. “But it hasn’t cause me any problems.

“It is better than having kids hanging outside shops and causing trouble. It’s a place they can all go and be safe.”

However, some residents did speak out against the park.

One said: “The problem is not the children during the day, but when the older kids arrive late at night.

“I’ve been kept up at 1am because of the noise, shouting and skating.”