Squirrels go nuts - for Squirrel crisps!

Furry creatures even crawl inside the packets

Hungry squirrels in a Bradville back garden are going nuts for the latest snack: Walkers SQUIRREL flavour crisps.

The furry creatures make a dive for their namesake treats as soon as wildlife lovers Nigel and Camilla Cullum put them out on their bird table.

And they even crawl INSIDE the packet to savour every last crumb.

"We've always fed the squirrels but it was only by chance we discovered they liked squirrel flavoured crisps," said Camilla.

She bought a packet to sample the new Walkers flavours, which include chilli and chocolate, builder's breakfast and Cajun squirrel.

"I didn't like the Cajun squirrel crisps at all; they tasted like a cross between Bovril and bacon.

"So we put them on the bird table to see if anything else would eat them."

The Cullums were open-mouthed when a squirrel arrived and started tucking in with relish.

But the bizarre 'dog eat dog' situation is no surprise to experts, who say squirrels sometimes need a little salt in their diet of nuts, fruit, seeds and bugs.

Some even lick roads after they've been gritted and salted during icy weather.

The Citizen passed on the squirrel photos to Pepsico, who own Walkers Crisps, but they declined to make any comment.

>> Watch our video of Camilla and Nigel's crisp-eating squirrels, along with footage of other wildlife in their garden, by clicking on the link.