Take care when cooking with oil

Flood evacuation practice at Stoke Goldington'''Wk 10 MPMC
Flood evacuation practice at Stoke Goldington'''Wk 10 MPMC

Firefighters are urging people to take care when cooking with oil following a fire yesterday evening which led to 10 people being evacuated from their homes.

Crews from Broughton and Bletchley were called to the fire in the kitchen of a first-floor flat in Harley Drive, Walton, shortly before 9am.

Watch Manager Kevin Bird from Broughton Fire Station said: “The fire was out on arrival and no-one was injured, but it had a huge potential to be a disaster.

“The occupier was heating a saucepan of oil to cook chips in, and overheated the oil. He then moved the pan to the sink, where it appears that it came into contact with water.

“The resultant fire swept across the ceiling, destroying the net curtains, damaging the smoke detector and blackening most of the kitchen and lounge. The fire then went out, which was fortunate, and no further damage was done.

“They were extremely lucky not to have been injured or to have caused extensive damage to the flat.”

Fire alarms alerted everyone in the three-storey block, and they were all able to leave the building safely before later being allowed back in.

The flat was 20 per cent damaged by smoke. Firefighters gave fire safety advice and carried out a home safety check before leaving.

Firefighters regularly give displays at open days and community events which recreate the drama of a fire involving a pan of cooking oil without any of the danger.

Just half a cup of water poured on to a burning pan of oil can create a fireball up to 15 feet high.

The correct procedure is to:

Turn off the heat to the pan if it is safe to do so.

Leave the house closing all internal doors behind you.

Call 999.