The real story of Christmas – as told by thecentre:mk

thecentre:mk Tree of Dreams
thecentre:mk Tree of Dreams

CHRISTMAS is coming ... Yes, it’s a sobering thought, particularly as we’re still waiting for summer to arrive. But thecentre:mk invite us to Dream, Wish and always Believe as it gives us a sneak preview of its journey to Christmas 2012...

Christmas shopping may be a long way off for all but the most eager and organised of us but plans are already in place at thecentre:mk to make this year’s yuletide experience an unforgettable one.

The seasonal decorations are packed away, traditionally, by twelfth night and, by February, the festive period is but a distant memory.

Yet, at thecentre:mk things run differently and the Citizen has been given an exclusive preview of the journey towards the eagerly anticipated Christmas 2012 concept.

The elaborate decorations from last year were removed and carefully stored away by January 3.

The team then had just under a week to forget about Christmas until the following Monday, when ideas start to form and the concept for Christmas 2012 was created.

Jade Hall, press relations manager at thecentre:mk, said: “You could say it’s permanently Christmas for the team at thecentre:mk!”

The enchanting, decorative ideas were presented to the Milton Keynes Shopping Centre Association (MKSCA) and members of thecentre:mk management team back on February 28.

Decisions have to be made quickly so that plans can be turned into reality, with the winning pitch approved by March.

Since then, thecentre:mk team have channelled their inner Christmas elves to develop the winning concept and create spectacular showpieces for the magical season.

Jade explains: “Loyal and new visitors come to the regional shopping destination for the celebrated Christmas event and every effort is made to make it, quite literally, bigger and better every year.”

Thecentre:mk Christmas 2012 concept is ‘Dream, Wish, Believe’.

Christmas will see the mammoth Middleton Hall transformed into a dream-like, fantasy wonderland, centred on capturing the imagination of visitors young and old.

Children and adults alike will be invited to fully immerse themselves in the whimsical Christmas landscape through interactive displays.

The traditional – and much-loved – carousel will once again be featured, while Santa’s magnificent grotto will be bigger and better than ever before.

A talking tree of dreams, sponsored by the Citizen, will delight the little ones and a selection of technological, hands-on games will ensure the visit is unique for older youngsters too.

The inspirational narrative for the concept focuses on fairies and pixies that are tasked with collecting and harvesting children’s dreams – if the children believe hard enough, their dreams will metamorphose into beautiful butterflies.

However, the journey is disturbed as the cheeky goblins will try their best to steal dreams and spoil the fun.

Melanie Beck, head of marketing and communications at thecentre:mk, said: “We are putting everything we possibly can into Christmas at thecentre:mk and are excited to have such an advanced concept in place already.

“We will soon be taking applications for the beneficiary charity for the contents of the wishing pool and hope to sprinkle some pixie dust back into the Milton Keynes community this year.

“We hope visitors will fully immerse themselves into the fantasy of Christmas and we inspire visitors to dream, wish and always believe.”

So, as you tentatively begin your Christmas preparations – whether early in September or perilously close to the start of Advent in December – bear in mind the amount of planning thecentre:mk team have put in already.

And, when all those arduous arrangements become too much for you – forget the clutter, forget the stress and head to Middleton Hall to make your Christmas wishes come true.

After all, it is always Christmas at thecentre:mk