Torture thug out in 3 years

Abdullah Patima
Abdullah Patima
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A THUG jailed indefinitely for being a danger to the public has won an appeal to slash decades off his sentence.

Now knifeman and kidnapper Abdullah Patima is likely to be back on the streets in just three years’ time.

In January a judge sentenced the 21-year-old to an indefinite detention – almost the same as life imprisonment – for the sake of public protection.

The court heard how Patima was part of a gang which terrorised two men accused of owing them money in October last year.

Armed with a knife, he helped subject the pair to a prolonged and vicious attack at a city flat before stealing £80 from them.

Another gang member carried a gun while his colleagues were armed with a baseball bat and a hammer.

The gang ended the attack by wrapping one of the victims up in a carpet and putting him in the boot of a car.

The terrified man was dumped in woodland miles away.

The other man was doused in petrol and left at the scene.

Patima admitted kidnap, false imprisonment, two assaults causing actual bodily harm and one count of theft.

During the original trial his defence claimed Patima’s involvement in the attacks had not been pre-planned and he had not realised what was going to happen to the two men.

But Judge Joanna Cutts said the petrol and weapons were already in the flat.

She told Patima at the time: “You effectively tortured these men and I must pass a sentence for the safety of the public.”

This week his defence lawyers questioned this sentence at London’s Criminal Appeal Court.

They argued Patima should not have been considered “dangerous” enough to warrant an indefinite jail term because there was not enough evidence for the judge to reach that conclusion.

Judge Peter Beaumont QC, sitting with Lady Justice Rafferty and Mr Justice Bean, allowed the appeal.

He ruled the open-ended sentence was “not justified” in the circumstances of the case.

“Plainly the offences were very serious, plainly they were aggravated,” he said.

“But in the judgement of this court, they did not justify the imposition of an indeterminate sentence.”

Patima, of Ramson’s Avenue, Conniburrow, has now had his sentence reduced to six years.

He will serve three years of that before being able to apply for automatic release.