Tory rent increase given red light by opposition

Civic Offices
Civic Offices

A CONSERVATIVE proposal to raise council house rents by an average of £4.78 a week has been quashed by opposition members.

At a meeting on Tuesday night at the council’s civic offices, Lib Dem members proposed a counter offer, an increase of no more than £3.14 a week, which was agreed.

Lib Dem leader, councillor Sam Crooks, said: “The Conservative proposal is grossly unfair. It is well above what the rate of inflation will be this coming year, and hits at some of the least well off people in our city.

“During the recent cold snap I visited one couple in my ward who were wearing coats and scarves when I called – in their own home. They only turned the heat on at weekends when their children called. They didn’t want their children to know that they couldn’t now afford to turn on the heat the rest of the week.”

Tenants will be informed of the new rents shortly which take effect from April 1.