UEFA has priorities all wrong

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UEFA is pants!

This week football’s governing body ruled that Danish footballer Nicklas Bendtner was to be fined 100,000 euros and banned for one game for showing the top of his pants.

Revealing his underwear in itself was an odd occurrence but because he was showing the name of main tournament sponsor Ladbrokes’ greatest rival Paddy Power it also meant he had broken some kind of strange UEFA ruling on ambush marketing.

Am I missing something or is that not one of, if not the strangest, ruling that anyone has ever seen?

I know the rules are in place to stop unlicensed advertisers but it is the level of the fine that is ludicrous.

There are a number of bigger issues in football that officials could be addressing yet they choose to slap a huge fine on a player for showing the tops of his ‘lucky pants’.

An absolute joke. They should be clamping down harder on those guilty of racist abuse, whether it’s fans, teams, coaches or whoever.

When between 300 and 500 Croatian fans levelled ‘monkey chants’ towards Italian striker Mario Balotelli UEFA fined them £65,000.

A paltry fine considering the extent of the problem and even worse when compared to Bendtner’s ‘crime.’

In 2004 the Spanish Football Federation was fined £45,000 following racist chanting against a number of players including Ashley Cole. Jermain Defoe and Shaun Wright Phillips.

That’s less than half of what Bendtner was fined and for a problem that is much more severe. Even four years after the incident the English team contemplated not playing in Spain in case of continued abuse.

Euro 2012 was supposed to be being held in countries renowned for racism but as of yet we have not seen anywhere near the level of abuse that was expected by former players and hard hitting documentaries. That being said when players or fans do report racist abuse then it should be investigated and dealt with swiftly.

If authorities can deliver a verdict on Bendtner in a matter of days then why can they not do the same for racist abuse?

It can clearly be heard and it is obvious who the chants are being levelled at, so why not punish countries and hit them hard?

Guilty fans should be banned from stadiums for life and their teams or countries deducted points or banned from future tournaments. If there are too many then play games behind closed doors.

Strict punishments, but ones that will ensure that fans keep their mouths shut before, during and after a game.

UEFA needs to sort its act out because right now its priorities are pants.