VIDEO: ReadSoft rowers get in training for Dragon Boat Festival

Workers at city software company Readsoft have already started training for the Dragon Boat Festival – in unique fashion.

The ten man team will be taking part in the event on June 23 at Willen Lake with proceeds going to Willen Hospice.

The team posed for our video using umbrellas for oars, but with the actual race set to be a lot more challenging they have set up running and rowing machines in their city centre office to help them keep in shape.

They even hold a weigh-in every Monday morning to see who is keeping to the fitness regime.

Director of marketing, Adam Chapman, said: “Last year we went as spectators and the day was amazing. This year we have turned it into a bit of fun but people are definitely getting serious about it.

“The weigh-in is held to see who’s taking it seriously and getting in shape. We are a tight knit team here and that reflects what we are doing on a daily basis.”