VIDEO: Sweat Studios hold yoga classes in Milton Keynes’ Pentalum

Thousands of people have already flocked to experience the one and only hot yoga studio in Milton Keynes.

And last week many more took up the opportunity to try out a class in the impressive Pentalum in centre:mk’s Middleton Hall.

Yoga in the Pentalum

Yoga in the Pentalum

Sweat Studios recently opened their doors in The Hub, Milton Keynes, in March to become the only dedicated hot yoga studio in the city.

In a fresh, modern twist on yoga, Kirsty Lowe, director of Sweat Studios, holds classes in up to 43 Celsius heat, which makes your muscles more elastic and less prone to injury.

Sweat believe yoga is an unbeatable way to achieve a fit, happy and healthy body, and with over 5,000 visitors since their opening, it seems the city agrees.

So in an attempt to attract even more people to try out hot yoga, Kirsty and her team held classes in the Pentalum during the International Festival to give people a chance to give it a go without the heat - and find out more about visiting Sweat Studios at The Hub.

Kirsty said: “We’ve had a great reception in Milton Keynes since opening and we’re very excited to be able to introduce more people to Sweat Yoga in the unique environment of Pentalum!”

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