Wheelchair ramp is blocked by police

Parking at hospital
Parking at hospital
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A DISABLED patient was blocked from accessing wheelchair ramps by two police cars which were parked on double yellow and double red lines at Milton Keynes Hospital.

Byron Smith was visiting the hospital last Wednesday and making his way to another location on the hospital site when confronted with the obstruction.

Police parking at hospital

Police parking at hospital

He said: “On my way to an appointment at another location of the hospital I was faced with the task of trying to navigate past two police cars on two separate occasions, both parked on double yellow and double red lines.

“The first officer told me that they could not park in the disabled bays as people would complain, but it was OK as they were visiting someone. What was wrong with the pay and display car park I asked myself?

“The second car was parked in the same location for the best part of four hours.”

A Thames Valley Police spokesman said: “Thames Valley Police has been made aware of the complaint about police vehicles parked at the hospital last Wednesday, and investigations are under way to ascertain what duties the officers were carrying out at the hospital.

“Once this information is known, Thames Valley Police will be able to respond fully.”

The hospital has also been made aware of the complaint and is looking into parking procedures at the hospital.