Youth Centre gets backing from Olympic hero

Greg Rutherford Bus tour
Greg Rutherford Bus tour

GREG Rutherford has named Bletchley Youth Centre as one of his favourite charities.

Bletchley Youth Centre works in partnership with Milton Keynes Council’s Youth Services to provide a safe place where children and young people can meet friends and take part in a variety of activities, classes, crafts and fun days.

And while fun is high on the agenda, the serious side to Bletchley encourages youngsters to develop self-confidence and good interpersonal skills as they grow.

Greg, who grew up in Bletchley, said such facilities are vital in helping future Olympic stars.

He said: “When I was growing up in Bletchley, my friends and I were always playing out. It encouraged us to be independent and built confidence. Today, clubs and groups like Bletchley are the alternative to playing in the street and we should all support the work that they do.”

Debbie Scott from Bletchley Youth Centre says: “We’re delighted Greg chose our charity and agree wholeheartedly that the facilities we provide are more important than ever.

“Without clubs such as ours young people will miss out on the advantages that earlier generations have enjoyed.

“Bletchley Youth Centre continues to support large numbers of young people aged 10-19 years and we are proud of a legacy which now includes our Milton Keynes Olympic gold medallist Greg Rutherford.”