Tench come on feed after the rain

That was the week of the tench that was – for some – as tincas went on feed in several local waters.

Jamie Boomer

Top three separated by just a pound

Two recounts were called for in Sunday’s Furzton summer league round such was the margin between the top three.

Martin Tilley with 17lb Furzton 'exotic'

Fortune favours angler Pete

Amazing how Lady Luck just seems to follow some people around...especially when they are city matchman Pete Patton!

Ben Hewer

Furzton charity open reels in cash for MKG kids’ dept

Furzton might not have been on top form for Sunday's charity open – but the event did raise £460 for the children's speech therapy department at MK General.

Rob Harriman

Lodge has roach-sport on tap following ‘biblical’ flood

If you want stillwater roach...get down to Lodge Lake while its redfins are still in feeding mode.

Angling 1
Adam Baker

Baker sets a new Lodge Lake PB

Lodge Lake has been on fire with its carp going mad on feed over the past couple of weeks...and they're still chomping!

Angling 1
Phil Mapp

Double-figure Ouse barbel falls to pole-angler Nigel - in a match!

It started as just another small open, but by the time it finished Nigel Porter had set the bankside telegraph on fire – with a 12-14 barbel...on the pole!

Angling 3
Mike L'Honore

Heat wave has the fish biting

The higher the mercury climbed...the harder fishing became as a heatwave on steroids blew in from the continent.

Angling 2
Phil Mapp

Two fish of a lifetime for Phil

Fish of a lifetime can be a bit like buses. You spend ages trying to catch ONE – and then TWO come along at once!

Kelvin Rickhuss-Moore

Kelvin scores big in Furzton

Fish are feeding across the city despite yo-yo temperatures – and a spate of fish deaths across MK and large parts of the wider region.

Jason Partlow

New MKAA record as Jason bags Willen monster

A New MKAA record at 47-6! That was Willen's 'golden common' when Jason Partlow banked her Saturday morning – for the SECOND time in a year!

Angling 1
Paul Andrews

Sunshine brings carp out to play

First the rains came down in sheets – then the sun came out – and the carp came on feed with a bang!

Angling 1
Arthur Terrill

North to Super-League glory for Mike and the Dambusters

A near 300 mile round-trip 'oop north paid off for Michael Buchwalder – with a top-three spot in the newly-launched high profile Feedermasters Super-league!

Oliver Partridge

Oliver doubles up in New Bradwell

Probably the youngest angler to catch a double in MK for a long while – that was Oliver Partridge when he bagged a fin-perfect 16-10 common from Bradwell Lake at the weekend.

Angling 1
Paul Ridgway

Who says canal matches are dead?

Canal matches are dead – so some say. But, for the second time in a row, MKAA's Grand Union spring league is one of the biggest on the local calendar!

Angling 1
Kevin Briggs

Bradwell is winner as MKAA wins a £5,000 grant from Environment Agency

Five grand – that's the grant won by MKAA to help with further improvements and repairs at Bradwell Lake.

Angling 3
Cheque presentation

Furzton fishing feast yields huge donation to Willen Hospice

Some £2,600 was handed to Willen Hospice at MKAA's AGM – cash contributed by big-hearted anglers taking part in last year's Furzton festival!

Angling 1
Mitchell Ridgeway

Warm weather brings out the biggest catches

The sun has got his hat on – at LAST – and fish have begun feeding as though they finally think it is spring!

Angling 1
MK Piker

Big stillwater catches eclipse end of river-season chub flurry

With the clock ticking down to Tuesday's running water season's end most eyes were on the rivers – but it was local STILLWATERS throwing up the real surprises!

Angling 2
Steve Lindop

Don gets lucky as he uncovers a bream shoal

Full of cold muddy floodwater, rising, and about as attractive to fish as a ditch. That was the local Ouse on Sunday.

Angling 1
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