Sunshine brings carp out to play

First the rains came down in sheets – then the sun came out – and the carp came on feed with a bang!

Arthur Terrill

North to Super-League glory for Mike and the Dambusters

A near 300 mile round-trip 'oop north paid off for Michael Buchwalder – with a top-three spot in the newly-launched high profile Feedermasters Super-league!

Oliver Partridge

Oliver doubles up in New Bradwell

Probably the youngest angler to catch a double in MK for a long while – that was Oliver Partridge when he bagged a fin-perfect 16-10 common from Bradwell Lake at the weekend.

Angling 1
Paul Ridgway

Who says canal matches are dead?

Canal matches are dead – so some say. But, for the second time in a row, MKAA's Grand Union spring league is one of the biggest on the local calendar!

Angling 1
Kevin Briggs

Bradwell is winner as MKAA wins a £5,000 grant from Environment Agency

Five grand – that's the grant won by MKAA to help with further improvements and repairs at Bradwell Lake.

Angling 3
Cheque presentation

Furzton fishing feast yields huge donation to Willen Hospice

Some £2,600 was handed to Willen Hospice at MKAA's AGM – cash contributed by big-hearted anglers taking part in last year's Furzton festival!

Angling 1
Mitchell Ridgeway

Warm weather brings out the biggest catches

The sun has got his hat on – at LAST – and fish have begun feeding as though they finally think it is spring!

Angling 1
MK Piker

Big stillwater catches eclipse end of river-season chub flurry

With the clock ticking down to Tuesday's running water season's end most eyes were on the rivers – but it was local STILLWATERS throwing up the real surprises!

Angling 2
Steve Lindop

Don gets lucky as he uncovers a bream shoal

Full of cold muddy floodwater, rising, and about as attractive to fish as a ditch. That was the local Ouse on Sunday.

Angling 1
Peter Purnell

Brothers go large on Tear Drop lakes

Catching big fish is one thing – but landing them to order for the camera is something of an art-form...and one the Purnell brothers seem to be mastering.

Angling 4
Sam Corteze

Sam’s the man in Olney

It was big fish or nothing for most who braved the weekend's Siberian winds – usually the odd chub to those wandering the river banks.

Angling 5
Scott Rowson

Great Scott has a bream dream on Dovecote Lake

Mega bream have been on the munch in Dovecote Lake – 'annoying' anglers trying to catch carp.

Angling 1
Bob Hodges

Good things come to Bob, who waited

Big Ouse perch are making a comeback, but a three-pounder is still a notable biggie – and two in consecutive casts is definitely a real 'Wow' job!

Angling 2
Ginger Robinson

Ginger capitalises on the hungry chubs in the Ouse

Just once in a while – a very LONG while for most – an angler will have the luck to drop in on a real 'nest' of chub...a swim which yields fish after fish...

Angling 8
Phil Mapp

Phil Mapps out a perfect plan to catch

Simple breadflake and a whole lot of local knowledge have been key to Phil Mapp's ever-lengthening list of good chub from the Ouse!

Angling 4

Perch, pike and chub are taking the bait

It has been a flying start to the year for some – among them Rob Harriman who hoisted his perch PB with a magnificent 3-8 stripy from the canal!

Phil Mapp's catch

One day’s rain was all it took to get Ouse fish on the feed

One day's steady rain – that was all it took to bring the Ouse into cracking form...for those in the right places at the right times.

Angling 2
Neil Richardson

Neil wins despite losing 'chub of a lifetime'

Chub or bust! That was Neil Richardson's assessment of his Ouse match prospects in Sunday morning's deep-freeze conditions. And he was bang on the button.

Angling 1
Matt Atkins

Matt’s big river pike leads weekend predator parade

The local Ouse may not have hit top winter form – yet – but the weekend saw some great predator sport being enjoyed by those roaming the banks.

Marcin Petelczyk's Caldecotte monster

Is MK the home of national record-bursting perch?

LOOKING for seriously, absolutely HUGE perch – of national record size – then start scouring MKAA's waters!

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