Angling by Trevor Johnson: March 14

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Wind-chill factors have been plunging to minus 8 this week and you had to be super hard – or stark raving mad – to be on the banks!

However, while so many stayed indoors, the cruel weather didn’t stop Neil Richardson from toughing out a Tear Drops overnighter to get his 2013 carp campaign underway.

And while he didn’t bag any monsters, the Concept Baits boss, pictured above, managed three to 11-3 – one played out from underneath sheet ice. Give that man a medal... for endurance!

And 78-year-old Ron Kyte has to be one tough old boy – doing after-dark sessions on Olney’s Ouse in THIS weather – and netting, on one trip, a ‘fin perfect’ 12-2 barbel plus chub of 5-12 and 4-6 in less than two hours.

Despite bitingly cold winds, the local cut fished surprisingly well for some. Transferred from a murky river, Saturday, MKAA’s Grand Slam saw the top 11 total 60lb at Willowbridge.

Lee Jones won with 7-1-8 of skimmers and roach on punch – just half an ounce ahead of Alan Ford’s all caster-roach catch. Ernie Sattler had 6-2-8.

DATS’ Sunday do, transferred from the river to Cosgrove cut, saw Sattler bag 120 small fish for 6-3-8. Ford had 4-3 (including a 2-9 perch) and Bob Gale 3-3-12.

Alders open went to Gary Page, 69-8 ahead of Steve Tyler 64-9 and Doug Richardson 61-3. And on a Cambridgeshire lake, which must have felt more like Siberia, Osprey’s match went to Tony Wynnick with 36-8 of carp followed by Matt Grant 29lb – including a 4lb chub – and Mark Carter 25lb.

Closer to home and Calvert’s Claydon lake do produced the largest tench and bream caught there in matches since June! Jim Lewis had 16-7, John Weatherall a 6-5 bream and Ted Brown a 5-9 tench.

Thanks to the sub-zero temperatures, the dying river season (legal close season starts midnight tonight, March 14) saw most anglers struggling for bites.

One getting a last gasp biggie was Ian Spires with a 7-2 chub, while Stewart Harris was in the AT with a 7-13 Ouse chub. My highlight was a Monkston Park Ouzel 3-11.

Midweek Graham Prince set a new Olney record with a 4-4 perch, and he had a 4-6 chub – both on single red.

MK vets’ Riverside Ouzel midweeker went to Martin Cunniff with 10lb of silvers as Alan Ford netted 9-5 and Ernie Sattler 93 roach for 8-11.

Tony Hirst topped Towcester’s Broadwater Tove sweep with 4-11 of bits as Les Goodridge had 3-15 and Grenville Read 3-14. Just upstream Stan Pannell had a 10lb punch-roach pleasure net.

Fixtures: Tonight, close season starts on Lodge and Wolverton Mill; Alders’ Easter festival March 29 to 31, 07860 235655; April 14, MKAA canal league teams of four starts, 07703 556788.