Angling round-up: January 20

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GREY hair (or none)? Don’t worry – you’re never too old to be a star! That’s the word from two of the city’s most successful veterans.

In a result more usually associated with decidedly younger rods, dynamic duo Ernie ‘end peg, win everything’ Sattler and Paul Chapman – he’s more often in the frame than out – have kicked the new year off by gaining commercial sponsorship!

Bait-Tech has moved to back the pair (pictured) with supplies of its products. And, with so many of today’s match anglers a long, long way from being up-and-coming juniors... sponsoring here-and-now successful veterans as sales-inspiring icons could just become a growing trend.

Paul said: “We’re talking about supplies of pellets and groundbait, that sort of thing. It’s not a big money deal, but we’re very grateful to have been picked.”

Winter’s harsh arrival made it a rubbish weekend for many and even prolific Alders Farm was, following a minus 7 frost, well below form for its winter league final.

Luton’s George Kay topped the day with 78-11 followed by his father Tony 49-8 and Frames Roy Makins on 38-3 – as Luton won the round with 11 points ahead of GOT Baits Red 13 and their Black squad 16.

Got Red emerged on top of the six round 10 teams-of-four-series with 64 points... having averaged around 100lb a man throughout! Tubertini Bagum Baits 100 and Frames 126.

Eddie ‘lucky draw’ Ford cruised to an Olney Ouse open win with four perch to 3lb for 9-10 as most of the other 36 rods struggled. Barry Glidewell had a 3-4 stripey in his 6-9-12 as Mick Stanley had 5-10 – mostly dace.

Cramming 20 pegs onto Toombes, MK Vets found the going tough midweek even before the frosts set in. Paul Chapman celebrated his Bait-Tech signing by including a 6-1 chub in his 6-2... and lost a pike guessed at 20lb! Steve Schubert had 4-8 and Roy Ash 3-2.

Dats’ match on the Main saw Russ Nash top on 8-12 as Chris Malia caught 2-12-8 and Kevin Osborne 2-9.

Towcester’s Broadwater Tove was frozen bank to bank, Sunday, but Grenville Reed still managed some 30 roach for 2-14 on punch. Mick Goodridge had 15 for 0-15... and Darren Pannell six for just 0-3-8.

Calvert filled the frame in a low weight interclub with Beacon on the Calverton road Ouse at Stony. Dave Lewis won on 2-11, Ron Hillier had 1-3 and Barry Witteridge 0-14.

Expectations of a chub fest failed to become reality in Kings Arms OU Ouzel do as Steve Cable won with just 0-10 ahead of Roger Glindon 0-5 and Dave Howell 0-3.

Fixtures: Sunday, Brush Mill through Toombes closed for match. Monday February 6 Beacon AGM 7.30pm, The Inn on the Lake (formerly the Beacon). May 5, Terrie Tapp memorial open, Tofts, organised by Bucko, 01327 351780.

Catches or matches to report? Tell Trevor Johnson at or on 01908 270000.