Arena has been a distraction – New

Team can't wait to play at their new home

Lions ace Mike New admits that not knowing where they would be playing their home games has been distracting to the club's players.

As one of the club's most experienced players, the 41-year-old has seen Lions go from strength to strength in recent years, but has also been around to see the club's new arena:mk home be hit with delays since the idea of a 4,500 seater arena was first proposed in 2002.

And New says the players can't wait to play at their new home, but the wait is proving something of a distraction.

"To be honest it has been a distraction because we'd like to play there as soon as possible. But the turn of the economy means we'll just have to be patient," he said.

"Playing at Middleton Hall is really exciting for us and it will be fantastic for exposure, so we're looking forward to playing there too."