Robbo offering no more chances to some of his players

Robbo's reaction
Robbo's reaction

An embarrassed Karl Robinson blasted his MK Dons side after a poor 3-0 defeat at the hands of Carlisle on Tuesday night.

The manager could only watch on as his unenthusiastic and sloppy team slumped to yet another defeat on the road to a team they must be beating if they still have any dreams of a play-off spot.

And after giving the players a second chance after a similarly poor performance against Colchester in November, Robinson said some of them have used up their final life.

He said: “I gave them a chance after Colchester. No more. I have to stand up and be counted too.

“But the first 20 minutes was abysmal. No style, no nothing. It was poor. Carlisle were better than us.

“When I believe a talented team doesn’t perform, I can only question hunger and desire. Carlisle had more hunger.

“The players have no excuses. We’ll have meetings with the players and some will be told they might have played the last game for me, and in the last squad for me.

“But we were shocking, horrendous tonight. And not on the ball, but in the fight.

“I’ll make mistakes and get things wrong, but my attitude won’t be as bad as some of players’ were.

“It’s hard when you lose players of the calibre we have. They’re hard to replace at this stage in the season. I have to take the brunt of it.

“Some of the younger players need to get a grip too. Great players on top of their form get better. I thought Samir (Carruthers) looked lethargic. He has to get that out of his game and he needs to do it quickly.

“I can’t pick that team together again. It’s where we are at this moment in time.”

Shaun Williams left the side on Monday to join Championship side Millwall, leaving Dons desperately short on numbers for the trip.

But Robinson refused to blame the defeat on the disruption caused by Williams’ departure, and said the money from his transfer needs to be reinvested if the club are to avoid ‘struggling’ later in the season.

He said: “Shaun’s a big loss, just as much as Dale Jennings, Patrick Bamford and Jordan Spence. To lose those four in a short period of time has a massive affect on us.

“We have to use some of that money to build a team or we’ll be struggling.

“The players should have done better, but I do believe we need four players. The back four has been a shambles, even when Shaun was in there.

“We have conceded a number of goals in the last five games. There are a number of things I need to change.

“It hurts, and you get demotivated by that, but you can’t help feeling that.

“We are looking to buy some players and get some in on loan. But you can’t blame the chairman today, they didn’t put their heart and soul into it.

“The players are to blame, not the football club.”

And Robinson hopes to have a couple of signings wrapped up before the Tranmere game on Saturday, but not before firing out a warning to his existing players.

“We’ve got one or two lined up,” he said. “But we need to make sure other elements are right before we can do anything.

“I don’t think there will be too much available for how much we can spend. I’ve got one or two loans who can hopefully come in and make a difference.

“If the players have a problem, I’ll press play on this game and tell them to get back to me.”