The city boys beating the men at their own game

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A team full of teenagers have been taking on the men of the North Bucks & District League and beating them.

Scot FC currently sit top of Division Two having won 17 of their 20 league games so far this season – not bad for a side that was playing U16 football in the Milton Keynes & Border Counties Youth League just a year ago.

Led by Steve Farnborough and Ralph Burton since some of the boys were just six-years-old, Scot – or ‘Scot Youth’ as they were previously known – enjoyed great success at all levels of the Border Counties League, including winning two League Cup finals held at stadium:mk.

But looking to keep all the boys together, Farnborough and Burton decided to take a chance and enter a team in the North Bucks League – and it’s proved an inspired decision.

“Most people thought we’d take a beating most weeks but we’ve done really well,” said Farnborough.“They’re really enjoying it.

“Most of the adults we’ve played against have been very good to the boys.

“The biggest problems I’ve had was telling the boys they had to wear numbers one to 11 this season! They liked their old youth league numbers!”