Orbit spring surprise win

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Orbit Gymnastics pulled off a shock victory at the Southern Regional Team Championships, claiming first place.

Eight trampolinists travelled to compete in Hazlemere and were quietly confident about their chances of achieving a strong result.



In fact they all out performed themselves, pulling off routines far superior to those achieved during training hours.

Millie Cole, the youngest competitor performed a crash dive ball out in her voluntary.

Mille Heathcote gained good 8s with new material, while Charlie Roberts, Orbit’s only boy, used a front somersault straight with one and a half twists for the first time in competition.

Anya Butler, climbing back from lost move syndrome, also used a crash dive and forwards somersault from her back.

Lauren Muttitt jumped with great form and overcame a technical penalty, Helena Bloomfield also completed her most daring voluntary, Ciara O’Brien who gave Orbit a head start to the early morning of the event, and finally Cara Stubbs, the longest campaigner helped bring stability to the team.

When the final results were calculated later in the afternoon, Orbit were shocked to have come out on top, beating both of Edgebarrow’s entries into second place and Portsmouth into third.