World Championship is a surprise for Stacey

Stacey Milentijevic
Stacey Milentijevic
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Stacey Milentijevic stunned the competition at the World Championships in Greece by taking home the top prize.

The 15-year-old battled her way to win the U16 Clicker competition, with Team GB completing a clean sweep of the podium.

Stacey Milentijevic

Stacey Milentijevic

“We’re all so proud of her,” said mum Lisa. “We didn’t have any expectations for her when we went out there, but she performed so well and got her hands on the trophy.

“I think she has taken it all in her stride since coming back, to be honest.

“She’s now just looking forward to the next competition.”

The MK Academy student took up the spot just three years ago after being bullied.

Since then, she has gone from strength to strength. With full contact on the horizon, Stacey is likely to compete in a competition Bulgaria next time out.