A record-breaking Moshi Monster passion for Milton Keynes girl Lucy

Image by Paul Michael Hughes T 07790819111 UK E pmh@paulmichaelhughes.com W www.paulmichaelhughes.com

Image by Paul Michael Hughes T 07790819111 UK E pmh@paulmichaelhughes.com W www.paulmichaelhughes.com

Monster-loving Lucy Neath has got a Moshi passion - and it has earned her a place in the Guinness World Records.

The 12-year-old from Loughton has set a new record with her collection of Moshi Monsters toys, as she owns more than anyone else in the world with 1,914 mementos.

She has been collecting for three years, and owns everything from Moshlings and mugs to Moshi Monsters cushions and cuddly toys.

Lucy said: “It all started when I was buying a birthday present for a friend and I saw the Moshi Monsters. They were so colourful and varied, I loved everything about them.

“It just went from there, and I have got miniature figurines of the little Moshis, t-shirts, magazines, all kinds of things. My favourite is a limited edition of Furnando the Mystic Moggie

“There is even a perfume which I love, but I don’t wear it so much now because I am trying to save it.”

Moshi Monsters began as a website aimed at children aged 6–14, where children pick a virtual pet monster that they can create, name and nurture. Since then it has expanded to feature other merchandise, music albums, and a movie.

Guinness World Records contacted Lucy after seeing her YouTube page, where she talks about the brand.

In two years Lucy has posted hundreds of videos, gained over 14,000 subscribers, and had more than 9,500,000 views.

Lucy, who is home-schooled, said: “I have videos on YouTube and I was contacted on Twitter after somebody had seen all the ones I have done.

“I never thought that I had that many, although I have been spending by pocket money on them for some time, and when they said I had the record I was overwhelmed.

“Quite a few of my friends collect them too and we’ll meet up to swap them. It’s really fun.

“I still love them and I am going to carry on collecting - so I don’t know how many I’ll end up with.”

You can see Lucy’s YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/user/themoshimonsterkitty




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