In The Studio with Specials artist Storey

Artist David Storey
Artist David Storey
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Leighton artist David Storey is offering LBO readers, their family and friends a unique opportunity to buy his work at knock-down prices.

David is disposing of a large number of his paintings and prints to make way for new work being prepared for a 2012 London show and is holding a sale at his studio, 5 Ashwell Street, on September 17.

David Storey's Blondie Poster

David Storey's Blondie Poster

David studied art at Middlesex University before joining Chrysalis Records, first as a designer and then as art director.

His best known work from the period are the bold, innovative and influential designs he produced for the cult group The Specials and their record label 2 Tone.

His paintings and prints have featured in numerous exhibitions, including recent shows at The Brighton Museum and Art Gallery, The Gallery in Cork Street, and The Coningsby Gallery, London. In May of this year the 57-year-old artist appeared on the BBC2 arts programme Show Me the Monet.

He said: “As art director of Chrysalis Records and 2 Tone Records in the 1980s I was continuously exposed to exciting ideas and images from popular culture. My pictures are often inspired by a found image – such as an old family snap shot – which act as ‘triggers’ in the development of each work.”

The doors will be open between 10.30am and 4.30pm and everyone is welcome.

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