Baby remember my name...Fame!

Leg-warmers at the ready, folks....
Leg-warmers at the ready, folks....
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PERFORMING Arts students from MK College have been pulling up their leg warmers and reaching for the stars as they prepare for Wednesday’s opening night of Fame.

The film and television show from the early 80s shaped a generation, and is now an absolute classic.

And why have students here in the new city decided to tackle the classic body of work? “...because it comments on the difficulty of making it big in the entertainment industry while examining the sometimes excrutiating but ultimately very worthwhile process of performing arts training,” said Karina Streeton and Ashley Spiers.

The curtain rises on Fame at The Chrysalis Theatre at Camphill this coming Wednesday evening from 7.30pm, with two more chances to view next Thursday, at 3pm and 7.30pm.

Call for ticket bookings on MK 684205 and see our new talents imitate some other new talents...