English teacher from Milton Keynes publishes his first 'lockdown inspired' novel

Author plans to launch book of the paranormal and ghost stories in the new year

An English teacher inspired to write about the paranormal, based on his own experiences, has published his first novel.

The book, True Ghost Stories Vol 1, is a collection of accounts of ghostly goings-on collated by Jonathan Stanyer, who lives with his family in

Bradwell, but is currently working in Saudi Arabia.

Author Jonathan Stanyer has published his first novel, True Ghost Stories

Said Jonathan: "As a local writer and English teacher I'm delighted to have published my first novel - a collection of true ghost stories.

"I have always wanted to write about paranormal experiences I have had but never had the time until enforced lockdown gave me time to consider

turning them from ideas in my head into an entertaining manuscript that other people might enjoy.

"Additionally I added some family and friends' experiences for variety.

Author Jonathan Stanyer hopes to launch his new book on his return to Milton Keeynes in the new year

"This is just the beginning of my writing career, I hope, as I have a second volume in the pipeline as well as a crime manuscript for the future."

Jonathan, who lived in Bedford for 10 years and was a former Bedford Modern School, is planning to return to Milton Keynes in the new year to launch his book.