Local author Jayen Parmar celebrates the release of “All Tomorrow’s Futures: Fictions That Disrupt”

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Milton Keynes-based Jayen Parmar provides real-world insights and expert commentary on the future of Policing and Artificial Intelligence with his published feature in latest book, “All Tomorrow’s Futures: Fictions That Disrupt”.

This groundbreaking anthology, co-edited by Benjamin Greenaway and Stephen Oram, delves into speculative fictions that challenge our assumptions about the future.

About the Book

“All Tomorrow’s Futures: Fictions That Disrupt” takes readers on a captivating journey through speculative landscapes. Situated in ‘real-life’ between accelerationism and scepticism, this volume of disruptions serves as a thought-provoking look into the potential consequences of scientific progress, technological development and societal evolution.

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Jayen ParmarJayen Parmar
Jayen Parmar

A unique collaborative journey through speculative fictions comprising of 25 short stories accompanied by 10 expert commentaries on various topics including Policing, Energy, Finance, Longevity, and Education.

We might all indulge in speculation about what the next year holds, but why stop there? Let's delve deeper into the realm of our favourite futuristic and sci-fi films to truly envision the possibilities and beyond. These cinematic imaginings not only entertain but also provoke thought about the potential path of technology, society, and human experience.

AI is a hotly debated topic, frequently clouded by misunderstanding and fear. Do you think you ready to incorporate it in your daily lives? Most will say no, yet the reality is that most are already using AI without even realising it.

As we stride into the era of the fifth industrial revolution, AI emerges as a pivotal player, overflowing with promise. While its potential for great benefit is undeniable, we must also acknowledge that technology will present distinct challenges for policing and investigations.

Jayen Parmar’s Contribution

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In this thought-provoking collection, Jayen Parmar provides real-world insights and expert commentary to short stories envisioning the future of Policing and AI.

His expert commentary examines the price we might be willing to pay for securing more convictions and the ethical dilemmas arising from training artificial intelligence (AI) on historical data. His insights add depth to the narratives, prompting readers to reflect on the implications of AI and technology.

Praise for “All Tomorrow’s Futures”

  • Douglas Rushkoff, author of Team Human, commends the book’s alternative approach to world-building in science fiction. He states, “What a wonderful and inspiring alternative to the so-called ‘world-building’ of today’s science fiction industry.”
  • Dr. Helen Marshall, Director of the WhatIF Lab at Queensland University, praises the collaboration between domain experts, writers, and editors. She describes the narratives as “visionary and eerily plausible.”
  • Yen Ooi, 2023 Hugo Awards finalist and Director of the London Science Fiction Research Community, emphasizes hope in the face of challenges. She notes, “The lessons are aplenty, but more importantly, there is hope.”
  • Tracey Fellows, futurist and author of The Future Of You, hails the book’s exploration of extraordinary possible futures.


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