Ukrainian kids send longest gratitude card in the world to UK Government

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Ukrainian children residing in Milton Keynes decided to express their gratitude for the help provided by the UK to People of Ukraine.

The motion was supported by parents and children aged 3-14 year old by sending gratitude cards, including the longest gratitude letter in the world, to 10 Downing Street as part of “Thank You, UK” campaign.

Only last week a group of children from Northampton sent gratitude cards to the politicians. This has generated a lot of discussions within the Ukrainian community in the UK. Paul Kuznecovs, director of Friendship Zone, has said: "After sending gratitude cards as part of our family private initiative, I have approached registered charity Ukraine Appeal, which we support with humanitarian aid provision to the Ukraine, to see whether we could organise a bigger event giving more children an opportunity to draw gratitude cards to be sent to 10 Downing Street and express gratitude."

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Viktoriya Shtanko, the founder and director of Ukraine Appeal, has said: "We run a Ukrainian supplementary school called “Sunflower” in Milton Keys, as well as working with “Friendship Zone” to send humanitarian aid to Ukraine and when I have heard about Paul's private initiative to send gratitude cards drawn by Ukrainian children to the UK Government, we immediately decided to organise a bigger event giving this opportunity to more children from Milton Keynes. It was hugely supported by children and parents".

Ukraine children pictured with their gratitude card.Ukraine children pictured with their gratitude card.
Ukraine children pictured with their gratitude card.

It is a common practice for children in Ukraine to show support to the Army of Ukraine by sending well wishes cards to the front line. Most, if not all, soldiers have got these cards, which not only boost their moral, but constantly remind them what they are fighting for and who they are protecting.

“Thank You, UK” campaign charitable event happened last Saturday on 22nd July at Summerfield Primary School in Milton Keynes. Summerfield Primary School is located at heart of Milton Keynes and working together with “Ukraine Appeal” charity providing educational opportunities to children from Ukraine via educational project “Sunflower”. The event has been attended by around 150 people, who took part in variety of educational and entertainment activities, including drawing gratitude cards and the world’s longest gratitude letter.

Marina, originally from Kharkiv, Ukraine, mother of 2 children taking part in this initiative, received her refugee status and moved to Milton Keynes in the beginning of last year, has said: "My husband, a soldier in Ukraine army, has been injured at the front and is currently in a hospital. I have no words to describe how thankful our family is to UK Government. Only last year we were sitting in a cellar hearing sounds of falling bombs, but today our children are going to school and feeling very happy. Thank you very much People of the UK".

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8 year old Marharyta, from Kiev, Ukraine has written in her gratitude card: "Thanks to the People of Great Britain, that you have provided safe place to live and for your all help to the People of Ukraine. We have a Ukrainian school “Sunflower” here in Milton Keynes which we are very happy to attend".

Ukrainian children say 'Thank You UK.'Ukrainian children say 'Thank You UK.'
Ukrainian children say 'Thank You UK.'

9 year old Anna, from southern part of Ukraine, has written in her gratitude card: "Thank you very much for all your help. We really appreciate your support and accepting our people in your country. Russia has invaded our country to kill all of us, but we fought back. We really like our “Sunflower” school here in Milton Keynes".

14 year old Yelyzaveta, from Dnipro, Ukraine has written her story: "Thank you to everyone, who helped us. Together we will achieve the victory. The victory that will make our world a better place. The victory that will put a smile on everyone's face. I do not know how to express this gratitude - Great Britain is a country that helps a huge number of people to continue with their lives in such difficult times.

Your country made possible for us to eat and sleep, to laugh again in safety. When I came here I was very surprised how many people wanted to help us and I am very grateful to all of them...".

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10 year old Kseniia, from Kiev, Ukraine has also emotionally written in her gratitude card: "I want to say thank you to all people from Great Britain who is helping Ukraine and that I can sleep well only because I know will not hear any air raid sirens anymore!".

Ukrainian children busy making thank you cards.Ukrainian children busy making thank you cards.
Ukrainian children busy making thank you cards.

To conclude, Paul Kuznecovs and Viktoriya Shtanko, have both agreed and commented: "We would like to express our gratitude to the UK Government for amazing work they do to help People of Ukraine. We sincerely hope that many other people would do something to express their gratitude, or perhaps even think of other creative ways how to thank the UK, its government and its people for that extraordinary help they provide to People of Ukraine. Thank you very much".

Thank You UK charitable event has attracted around 150 people from within Milton Keynes area and registered charities Friendship Zone and Ukraine Appeal hope to do similar events in the future. All drawn gratitude cards have been posted to 10 Downing Street, including the longest gratitude card measuring 7 meters, which we believe is the longest in the world!